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Ekipa Resources

Powering Africa

Building and investing in the energy capacity Africa needs in 2050, today.

Ekipa Resources is committed to building a sustainable energy future for Africa. With a long-term vision that spans over the next 30 years, Ekipa is focused on investing in projects that will meet the energy needs of Africa’s growing population and support the continent’s economic growth.

Asset Management

We manage assets and investments across the resource extraction, energy and real estate space.

Investor Relations

We leverage a highly skilled local, domestic and international investor network .

Vision Driven

Mission driven focus on increasing Africa’s energy capacity and output.

Leveraging technology for high impact acceleration of Africa's energy capacity

Ekipa Resources recognizes the importance of technology in driving innovation and efficiency in the energy and resource extraction sectors.

Global skills and deep understanding of Namibian and regional context

Through partnerships with leading technology companies, Ekipa is leveraging cutting-edge tools and techniques to optimize its operations and maximize returns for investors. From advanced drilling techniques to data-driven decision making, Ekipa is at the forefront of technological innovation in the African energy sector.


Average profit per year

Average new investors per year

Extensive Portfolio of Opportunities

With its strategic partnerships and extensive industry experience, Ekipa is well-positioned to identify and capitalize on profitable opportunities in Namibia and beyond. From oil and gas to renewable energy, Ekipa’s portfolio offers a diverse range of investment opportunities to suit a discerning investor’s preferences.

Forging new paths

Ekipa Resources has built a network of highly skilled investors who share its vision and values.

  • diverse group of partners from across the globe
  • access to a wide range of expertise and resources
  • fostering close relationships with its investors.
  • able to deliver value and build trust in the markets it operates in.